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The Conference aims at outlining the ongoing process related to the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive (2007/2/EC) in the nature conservation domain, with particular reference to the data themes Protected Sites (Annex I), Biogeographical Regions, Habitats&Biotopes and Species Distribution (Annex III).

The Conference is organised in the framework of the NATURE-SDIplus Project (Best Practice Network for SDI in Nature Conservation), co-funded by the European Commission under the eContentplus Programme. NATURE-SDIplus aims at establishing a network of stakeholders in GI for nature conservation to support the implementation of INSPIRE Directive across Europe in the field of interest.

The  Conference deals with the work in progress of INSPIRE towards the nature conservation domain as well as with the interactions of INSPIRE and NATURE-SDIplus.  A focus on the INSPIRE Data Specification Annex I for Protected Sites is provided, with particular reference to the Third Version recently finalized by the related Drafting Team and issued at the beginning of September. Attention is also paid to the preparation of the Data Specifications for the Annex III, representing one of the next steps of the INSPIRE Team activity.  In such a context, the event  seeks to represent a forum of discussion on the covered topics for the participating stakeholders.

The Conference is addressed to the community of stakeholders in nature conservation. Moreover, considering that the INSPIRE approach and methodology is common to all the INSPIRE Annexes data themes, the invitation is also extended to the GI and other thematic communities, which can take useful examples and hints from their participation.